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Autonomously powered surveillance and lighting trailer that can be rapidly deployed at practically any location, providing 24/7 security and light.

Perfect for customers in off-grid locations, meaning remote sites can be secured and connected without the need for hard wired power.

Solar Powered CCTV and Lighting Trailer

An autonomously powered surveillance and lighting trailer solution that can be rapidly deployed, providing security or lighting for construction job sites, parking lots, public events or any off-grid location that requires monitoring or light.


Robust and portable our surveillance and lighting trailers are powered entirely by renewable energy and built for the harshest environments; reducing civil engineering costs by eliminating the need for significant groundworks to install masts and ducting for power and data cabling.

Available for sale, rental, or via our cross-hire model.



Our Power products offer our customers an easy way to move to 100% reliable and renewable off-grid power.

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Powerful temporary solar lighting products for sustainable all-year illumination.

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