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From our manufacturing facility, in the North East of England, we can fabricate and manufacture bespoke solutions to match your specific power and project need.

If you have an additional requirement over and above our standard product range, please ask to find out how we can help provide a clean power source tailored to your individual needs.

Cleaner technology and sustainable power solutions

  • Our innovation first approach is creating better, cleaner and flexible power solutions for our customers

Accelerating the transition to sustainable power

  • Our dedicated R&D resources, including partnerships with Northumbria University are accelerating clean power

Helping our customers navigate the transition

  • By sharing our knowledge of the energy transition with our customers we help them prepare each step of the way

Optimising power solutions to reduce emissions

  • Working with our customers to reduce their fuel consumption and total cost of energy to help them meet net zero targets



Our Power products offer our customers an easy way to move to 100% reliable and renewable off-grid power.

Vero Lights-35-EDIT.jpg


Powerful temporary solar lighting products for sustainable all-year illumination.



Autonomously powered surveillance that can be rapidly deployed, providing 24/7 security and light.

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