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Energy Efficiency Solutions

With soaring energy prices and an increasingly volatile market, ensuring your business is utilising its energy efficiently is an easy and sensible first step to reducing day-to-day energy costs.

Our specialist technical team can work with you and your existing network to monitor its performance and we are ready to support you in reducing your energy costs through energy efficient measures.


Creating an efficient energy network will not only reduce your energy consumption but ensure the longevity of your sites equipment.


Questions before you buy?

If you'd like to find out more about this service, please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, expand your business operations or ensure compliance, we can support you every step of the way with our Power and Energy, and Compliance Surveys:

Power and Energy Surveys

Available from long-term detailed studies to indicative short-term spot measurement surveys in the following disciplines:

  • Load and power studies

  • Power quality surveys

  • Harmonic surveys

  • Plant and process energy efficiency surveys

  • Discrimination studies

  • Compliance and earthing studies

  • Thermographic studies & reports

Compliance Surveys

Whether your power and energy survey requirements are for compliance, for Low Carbon assessments or to investigate variable occurrences or problems with your electrical infrastructure or plant, we can tailor a survey package to your exact requirements.

Detailed energy monitoring gives you visibility on energy spend and allows you to target cost-effective reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions to aid compliance.

Vero Lights-35-EDIT.jpg


Powerful temporary solar lighting products for sustainable all-year illumination.



Autonomously powered surveillance that can be rapidly deployed, providing 24/7 security and light.

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