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Solar Powered CCTV/Lighting Trailer

Powered by the sun's energy alone our CCTV/Lighting Trailer creates zero CO2 emissions. It is easy to set up and can be deployed rapidly.


Designed to run silently 100% of the time and autonomously, the Solar Powered CCTV/Lighting Trailer requiries no cables.


Our Solar Powered CCTV/Lighting Trailer is an autonomously powered surveillance trailer that can be rapidly deployed at practically any location, providing security or lighting for construction job sites, parking lots, public events or any off-grid location that requires monitoring or light.


Available to rent or buy

We offer a range of different purchase and rental options that make switching our sustainable power products easy and cost-effective.

It takes just minutes to install and it can easily be moved as your applications change. It is an ideal surveillance and lighting solution for locations without any fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission.

Equipped with 4 x 175W high quality solar panels, the trailer is designed to perform in all seasons and features telescoping tower up to 6 meters to allow for optimum surveillance and site lighting. The trailer can be fitted with 4 Dome Cameras or powerful spot lights via a post top mounting plate customised to each customers specification.

Available for sale, rental, or via our cross-hire model.

Key features and benefits

  • Carbon neutral, 100% solar powered

  • Silent operating, zero noise

  • Requires no fuel

  • Install and forget technology

  • Easily transported

  • Rapid deployment

  • Can be used in the most remote locations

Ideal for...

  • Asset Protection on Remote Sites

  • Roads and Highway Monitoring

  • Construction Sites

  • Temporary Works Security

  • Parking and Public Space

  • Festivals and Major Public Events

GRP robust pole top enclosure.jpg

Comes with a GRP robust pole top enclosure for housing equipment and power supplies

4 x 175W solar panels.jpg

Equipped with high quality 4 x 175W solar panels for year round opperation

16Amp 240v Shore Power Connection.jpg

2 x 200Ah LiFePo4 Batteries, 12v DC output and a 16Amp 240v Shore Power Connection

Reliable all year round operation

Our proven powerful solar array with market leading battery storage combines to provide a highly efficient year round system.

Mobile trailer-mounted system

As a mobile trailer-mounted system, our Solar Powered CCTV/Lighting system can be easily deployed to the most remote locations, and once on site easy to move and relocate.

This also means no trenching costs as the solar power ensures that the unit operates completely off-grid and all year round.



Our Power products offer our customers an easy way to move to 100% reliable and renewable off-grid power.

Vero Lights-35-EDIT.jpg


Powerful temporary solar lighting products for sustainable all-year illumination.

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