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Temporary Solar LED Lighting

The perfect off grid lighting solution for your site no matter the location of light required. Our lights are designed to work in various positions on your site to offer you the best in class illumination.

Our temporary solar LED lighting range offers you the perfect off grid lighting solution whether this be a walkway, entrance and exit area, road or parking area.


Designed for quick deployment, our maintenance free, high lumen lights are available in different mounting options to meet your exact requirements.

Operating silently with a market leading IP67 rating, our lighting range are fully carbon neutral utilising 100% solar energy.

Vero Lights-63-EDIT-96dpi.jpg

Available to rent or buy

We offer a range of different purchase and rental options that make switching our sustainable power products easy and cost-effective.

Our state-of-the-art temporary lights are available with a range of mounting options which provide a practical, cost-effective and easy to install alternative to grid-tied lighting.

Available for sale, rental, or via our cross-hire model.

Key features and benefits

  • Carbon neutral, 100% solar powered

  • Silent operating

  • Maintenance free

  • High lumen output

  • Quick deployment and location changes

  • Designed for UK winter

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Two lighting options available 15W and 40W

  • High efficiency solar panel

  • Simple on-site installation and erection

Ideal for...

  • Construction Sites

  • Temporary Car Parks

  • Rural Businesses & Farms

  • Holiday Parks

  • Festivals & Events

  • Walkways

Container block mounted systems1.jpg

Container block mounted systems


Trailer with manual retractable 4m mast

Ballast mount or Quad stand.jpg

Ballast mount or Quad stand systems

Our range are available with multiple mounting options

Unlike competitor products, our range of lighting are available with multiple mounting options. With mounting for container blocks, ballast or quad stand and trailer stand options with retractable masts we can provide our products with the right mounting for your specific project.

A sustainable way to light your projects

Our lighting range delivers class leading light. Powered by solar with year round operating, even in harsh winter conditions your project will be illuminated.

No fuel is required as the range is powered purely with solar meaning your project will cost significantly less to light against a traditional grid tied lighting installation or one powered by diesel genset.

As well as saving on project costs, our range of lighting will help reduce your Carbon/CO2 footprint moving you closer to your NetZero goals.



Our Power products offer our customers an easy way to move to 100% reliable and renewable off-grid power.



Autonomously powered surveillance that can be rapidly deployed, providing 24/7 security and light.

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