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ReGenerator Renewable Power

Introducing, ReGenerator. Our range of renewable power solutions to power your site or commercial operation, designed and built to reduce your fuel consumption and aid your NetZero commitments.


A reliable hybrid, mobile and modular system designed for rapid deployment.


Helping you move away from the use of a diesel generator, ReGenerator dramatically reduces the heavy costs of operating a genset with significant savings in diesel fuel and genset maintenance saving hard cash.

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Available to rent or buy

We offer a range of different purchase and rental options that make switching our sustainable power products easy and cost-effective.

Whether a small site with one office or large site with multiple power needs, ReGenerator is a modular system which can be expanded as required to meet your power demands.
ReGenerator provides power 24/7 with a high capacity battery bank and auto generator back-up.

Key features and benefits

  • Single or Three phase configuration

  • Can be used as a direct replacement for traditional diesel gensets

  • Option to scale to suit high demand power usage

  • Reduced emissions and carbon footprint

  • Reduced generator runtime and service costs

  • Reduced noise, operating at near silent levels

  • Remote energy management system and live energy reporting

  • Quick deployment

Quick deployment

Whether you need a solar lighting or CCTV tower or site power our range can be deployed and installed quickly providing you with ongoing operational continuity.

Dramatically reduce your power costs

As of 1 April 2022, red diesel is no longer available at a rebated rate for many commercial applications.

Reduce your operating costs and your impact on the environment with our range of products.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our range of products have been developed to provide clean power that enables you to operate efficiently whilst reducing your CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

Built for harsh environments

Our range of products operate all year round, designed for the most extreme conditions.

A reliable hybrid mobile and modular system designed for rapid deployment, our range is available in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft sizes in either 1 or 3 phase configuration depending on your power needs.

Generating renewable power

Designed to provide a constant, reliable source of electricity ReGenerator reduces carbon emissions and drastically reduces the heavy costs of operating a genset with significant savings in diesel fuel and genset maintenance saving hard cash. Via it’s online cloud portal data is captured providing 24/7 monitoring so energy consumption can be managed remotely.

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Powerful temporary solar lighting products for sustainable all-year illumination.



Autonomously powered surveillance that can be rapidly deployed, providing 24/7 security and light.

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