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Calibrate Energy Inc

Our long-standing customer, Calibrate Energy Inc, approached our team during the Covid-19 lockdown with a request to undertake the manufacture of a 12-tonne Geothermal Energy Skid Package which was in the process of final design.

The customer had a limited 6-week window to manufacture, ship and commission the skid on site in Aberdeenshire some 300 miles north of our facility.


The production of the Geothermal Energy Skid Package enabled the growth of the customers agricultural operations whilst providing significant energy savings.


Questions before you buy?

If you'd like to find out more about this service, please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

Our engineers reviewed the project and consulted with all staff members who would be needed to take part in the fabrication of the project. After some consultation and Covid-19 preparations (as per Government Guidelines) we consulted with all relevant suppliers checking availability as to the supply and lead time of material and equipment, once procurement was secured our team went into full production of the skid package which had a finish deadline of 28 days.

The unit was shipped under escort to the client’s farm in Aberdeenshire where a heavy lift crane was waiting to undertake the positioning of the unit.

Once in place we started the second phase of the project which was the final assembly and commissioning of the unit, under a timeline of 5 days.

28 Days

Unit build in 28 days from material order to unit shipment under 9001 and 1090 procedure.

5 Days

Commissioning 5 days from skid availability to running liquid through the skid unit.

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Packaged Products

Design and manufacture of bespoke renewable packaged products for the renewable sector.

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Powerful temporary solar lighting products for sustainable all-year illumination.



Autonomously powered surveillance that can be rapidly deployed, providing 24/7 security and light.

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