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With you every step of the way.

Generating renewable power

From short lease temporary power to powering large projects, our experience spans from small one off projects to designing permanent power solution in sub-Saharan Africa.

When you need it the most, no matter how remote or challenging your site, the Vero Power team are by your side to power your business.


Solving your power problem

We Listen, to fully understand your needs, so we can give you the products, services and support you need.

Planning for every power need

Our experienced ReGenerator teams help you plan for every situation, from  emergency to day-to-day operation.

Anticipating your power needs

Our remote monitoring service allows you to anticipate problems ahead of time helping minimise downtime.

Making sure your site keeps running

Whether you’re in the heart of the city, or miles from the grid, the ReGenerator team is with you every step of the way.

Tell us what you need

We’ll help you find the right power solution for you

We understand that time and money are important, so we offer hassle-free support to help keep your site projects right on schedule. You’re in safe hands with our expert team of technicians and support staff. Our experts can help your business improve and manage your power generation, enabling your business to plan for every eventuality.

From determining your rental or permanent power needs, to delivery, set-up and installation we ensure down time is kept to a minimum with our complete support service. And if you use our optional remote monitoring service, our dedicated team will monitor the installed equipment round the clock, advising on power usage and suggest changes based on your sites data meaning you can focus on getting the job done.

ReGenerator solutions can be deployed at short notice, ready to help any power emergency or sudden shortage. So whatever your urgent power needs, our team can minimise disruption to your operations, identifying and getting the right solution to you immediately.

We're here, by your side from beginning to end, making sure things run smoothly, to time and budget.


Construction and Infrastructure

Dramatically reduce operating costs all year round, with the potential to reduce fuel use to almost nothing in the summer months.


Agricultural and Rural

Renewable energy generation can offer an opportunity to diversify a farm business, as well as offsetting emissions from other farm activity and reduce energy costs.


Petrochemical and Refinery

Remote area power supply, ReGenerator delivers significant benefits for refineries and petrochemical facilities.


Ship to Shore

Increases in maritime shipping and the subsequent environmental pollution this causes have created a demand for ship to shore power solutions.


Festivals and Events

ReGenerator offers festival and events operators a truly sustainable, uninterrupted power supply to ensure continuity of power for critical services allowing the fun to continue.

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